Songs for Japan

by Various Artists

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The musicians of Brooklyn's Local Correspondents community, compelled by the recent tragedy in Japan, created a compilation mix, available for a minimum donation of $5, with a suggested donation of $10 or more. One hundred percent of the proceeds raised will benefit the continuing global relief efforts of The American Red Cross.

The tracks on this mix include several previously unreleased recordings, and the compilation was remastered by Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker Studio. The album artwork is by Catharina Bruns at workisnotajob. This release has been made possible by these generous donations of talent.

Local Correspondents (LC) is a supportive Brooklyn-based community for independent artists. LC hosts an annual festival as well as weekly showcases and open mic nights at a venues throughout New York City, bringing together a talented and diverse group of performers.

LC offers a helping hand to performers who live and visit the NYC area by providing them with advice, tips and opportunities to play.

Founded in 2005 by Tanya Buziak, Larry Hyland, Greg Tuohey, and Jessi Robertson, the community has grown to support hundreds of musicians, artists, comedians and photographers, and has strong support from local businesses, including several bars and recording and performance spaces.

The current team includes Hyland, Tuohey and Robertson, in addition to Niko Kaparos, Paul Basile, Peter Abbruscato, Kevin Johnston, Greg Thomas and Lara Ewen.

Local Correspondents

The American Red Cross

Catharina Bruns // workisnotajob

Aaron Nevezie at The Bunker Studio


released April 19, 2011



all rights reserved
Track Name: Steve Waitt - Like Water
Go inside
close the door
Storm is coming storm is coming
the storm

and as you lie there
in your blue and yellow room
try to remember
the arms
of everyone who’s ever loved you

and let it slip from your mind
just like water from a drain
just like water

In the time it took for you to cross the room
there was an ocean
that grew above your heart
heavy like a hurricane
you rush to the window
to see the sky go black

and how you grew so jealous of the water
as it fell
to its home
return like all that rain

Hold it just like we remember
and I will promise never to tell you
that it’s run out
just like water from a drain
just like water
Track Name: Jessi Robertson - The Damaged Part
Fingers meshed between a chain link fence
I want what I say lying just beyond my grasp
The city with its rain-lashed face
Streaked with tail light smudge
I don't care how cold you get
I'll walk your streets all night

Gathering the pieces
Broken and re-glued
Please, don't hide the damage
I want every part of you
I want every part of you

Fingers tracing graffiti scars
The braille your history has been written in
Stories vibrate through my skin
In snapshot moments I never lived
Wandering where the wind leads
I'll walk your streets all night

Gathering the pieces
Broken and re-glued
Please, don't hide the damage
I want every part of you
I want every part of you
Track Name: Lara Ewen - One Day
3 a.m., out again at the Late Night rodeo
Inside, they're fogging up the windows with their rock ’n’ roll.
And I always look for you here
Even though it's been years.

’Cause one day, I'll see you on TV.
Singing something that you used to sing to me
And I'll say, "That's my favorite song!"
And one day, I'll hear you on the radio
Singing something sweet and low
And I will, I will sing along.
(do do do do do etc.)

I heard you took your car up North, but the weather let you down.
I'm still living in New York. I'm never gonna kick this town.
I'm always running into someone you know.
Everybody says hello.


You never said goodbye.
I always wondered why…

Track Name: Secondstar - Kites & Arrows
A hail of kites & arrows
Enough to set the seas wide open
Like our hearts inside us
Beating fast to spite us
I failed to set the record straight
I failed to set the record straight

Head just like a prison
The father, son, and holy ghost
He lifts you up beside him
I wish you were just like him
The only thing that separates
Is what you put inside him...

I was not made for this world
But I was made for you.